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Introduction to programmable logic controllers (PLC) training

Automated factory systems are wide spread throughout industry and cover a huge variety of operations in all sorts of production line applications.  Control of these production lines and associated systems that provide inputs to the finished product are complex and require both operators and maintenance personnel to have a good understanding of how they work.

This one-day course at our Technology Training Centre in Aston, Birmingham will give delegates the knowledge and skills they need to understand and work with programmable logic controller (PLC) operated equipment.

  • Course content
  • During the course the delegates will cover the following subject areas.

    • Brief history of PLCs
    • Description of internal operation of a PLC
    • Reading electrical circuit drawings
    • Basic testing and fault finding
    • Software and hardware
    • Safety (working online and offline)
    • Writing a simple program
    • Loading and running a PLC program
  • Pre-requisites
  • The 1 day course is delivered through a combination of classroom lessons and practical exercises using common programmable logic controllers found in industry. The practical element focusses on the operation and basic programmes used in a PLC. The course also introduces the delegates to basic fault finding techniques, health and safety aspects of working with PLC and associated electrical systems.

  • Assessment
  • Whilst there is no formal assessment on this course, delegates will need to demonstrate a basic working knowledge and understanding PLC controls and that they can work safely. On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a certificate of attendance. 

  • More details
  • Career progression:

    By the end of this course the delegates will have developed a good working knowledge of the operation, safe maintenance and effect simple fault finding and diagnostics of PLC systems.