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Managing legionella training

A half-day legionella training session enables delegates to put in place the control measures required for the effective management of legionella risk.

This course is designed to provide an introduction to Legionnaire’s Disease, starting with the history and background, to an explanation of the legislation, roles and responsibilities through to monitoring and management techniques, service provider selection to record keeping, sampling and compliance.

The course is essential training for anyone who may be delegated to the ‘responsible person’ role, or who may be responsible for managing or putting in place the legionella control programme.

  • Course content
  • The course is designed to identify, describe and explain the full management framework required to successfully control legionella risk, based on the guidance provided by L8.

    The course covers:

    • What is legionella?
    • Legislative controls
    • L8 - the control of legionella bacteria in water system
    • Duty holders and responsibilities
    • Risk management.
  • Pre-requisites
    • There are no prerequisites for this course.

    • Assessment
    • There is no formal assessment for this course, but delegates receive a certificate of attendance.

    • More details
    • By completing this course, delegates will:

      • Have knowledge of the key legislation in relation to the control of legionella
      • Identify the health risks associated with legionellosis
      • Understand how to manage legionella
      • Understand the role of the responsible person
      • Outline the requirements of L8 (the control of legionella bacteria in water system) and how it links to organisational procedure.