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Managing performance, probation and 121s

This practical workshop will support line managers and team leaders in carrying out effective performance reviews of their team, using the formal appraisal process. The course will ensure that delegates fully understand their responsibilities in the performance management cycle and how to structure and conduct appraisals to maximise the value of the meeting. Delegates will understand how to adapt appraisals to suit different types of employees, including underperformers, ‘stars’, those who have ‘been there and done that’ and all types of team member in-between.

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Course content

What is performance management?

  • Understand what ‘good’ daily performance management looks like
  • What should we measure?
  • When to deal with performance issues and what can go wrong if we ignore them
  • What are the obstacles we can face when dealing with performance issues
  • Why records and evidence are important
  • Know the difference between Informal and Formal structures when dealing with under-performance