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Maximising Learning Opportunities at Work - elearning

The work climate is constantly developing, and it feels like there are new skills, ideas and concepts being introduced all the time. Many businesses are encouraging their employees to train and develop their skills, but how can we make the time?

Our short online course addresses this very topic. Suitable for anyone with an interest in learning at work, it explores what learning is, why curiosity is necessary, and the barriers we put up to learning. It also provides many hits and tips about how we can become better learners and what strategies we can put in place, ensuring that you’ll soon be maximising those learning opportunities at work.

You can register up to 10 people for elearning when you book online. If you have more than 10 delegates to register, please contact us.

  • Course content
  • This course covers the following topics:

    • Learning and the role of curiosity
    • Barriers to learning and how to overcome these
    • Ways to become a better learner
    • How to create a learning ritual
    • Learning strategies and principles

    You will learn:

    • Understand what learning is
    • Understand how to be a better learner
    • Be able to feel confident in creating a learning ritual
    • Know how to maximise learning opportunities at work
  • Pre-requisites
  • There are no pre-requisites for this course.
  • Assessment
  • Online course worked through at the pace of the learner.
  • More details
  • Who is the course suitable for?

    This course is suitable for any learner who wishes to learn how to maximise learning opportunities in the workplace.