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How to develop a culture of openness and trust - elearning

This online course has been developed to provide learners with an increased understanding of how adopting a culture of openness and trust can benefit businesses and organisations. Learners will be able to gain knowledge and understanding of the ways in which managers can influence the culture of a workplace, as well as the importance of whistle blowing and fostering openness.

You can register up to 10 people for elearning when you book online. If you have more than 10 delegates to register, please contact us.

  • Course content
    • An Introduction to Managing a Culture of Openness and Trust
    • Defining and Changing Organisational Culture
    • Communication and Consultation
    • Whistle Blowing

  • Pre-requisites
    • There are no pre-requisites for this course.
    • Assessment
    • Online course, taken in stages at the pace of the learner.

    • More details
    • By completing this course, delegates will: 

      • Be able to describe what the term ‘organisational culture’ means.
      • Be able to appreciate the benefits of a culture of openness and trust.
      • Know and recognise how whistle blowing is an important safeguard of organisational culture.
      • Be able to identify the range of ways in which a manager can influence culture.
      • Be capable of articulating the different stages in changing culture.
      • Have the opportunity to download a certificate, stating completion.

      Terms and conditions:

      Read the elearning Terms and conditions here.