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Redundancy Law and Process - E-Learning

This e-learning course provides an overview of the legal requirements and process in relation to redundancy, including where the numbers involved trigger the statutory obligation to carry out collective consultation. It is designed to help line managers and HR executives acquire a broad understanding of redundancy procedure and the associated legal risks. The course aims to deliver a comprehensive introduction to the redundancy process, particularly for those who are not familiar with collective redundancy consultation requirements.

Course content

  • Legal definition of redundancy and what it means in practice
  • Voluntary redundancy and bumping
  • Overview of a redundancy process (including the obligation to carry out statutory collective consultation and Form HR1 notification)
  • Statutory collective consultation and appropriate employee representatives
  • Redundancy selection criteria and associated risks
  • Statutory redundancy payments and other relevant payments
  • Employees’ rights in relation to redundancy (e.g. rights to trial periods and alternative employment)
  • Redundancy risks and liabilities 

Career progression

By completing this course delegates will:

  • Understand the legal definition of redundancy and what amounts to a genuine redundancy situation in practice
  • Gain a step-by-step overview of a redundancy process
  • Recognise when the rules on statutory collective consultation can be triggered
  • Be able to identify who can be an employee representative for the purposes of collective consultation 
  • Understand the level of risk associated with different types of selection criteria
  • Calculate basic statutory redundancy payments and understand when employees may be eligible to receive these payments
  • Be able to summarise employees’ rights in relation to redundancy 
  • Be aware of the legal risks associated with redundancy and a failure to comply with statutory collective consultation requirements


There are no pre-requisites for this course


By assessment questions at the end of the course whereby delegates are required to answer 11 questions and will be advised of the results along with ‘areas for revision’ as necessary.


This course can be undertaken by any employee at any time – all that is needed is computer and internet access.