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Transgender & Gender Diverse (TGD) Awareness Training (2 Hours)

This course aims to give an informative presentation on the management of trans and non-binary employees and provides an in-depth analysis of TGD people’s lives and issues. It focuses on the aspects of transgender history, culture, science, and law that validate the existence within contemporary society of TGD people, in order for employers and employees to better understand, accept and respect their TGD colleagues.

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Course content

Aim: To give an informative presentation on the management of trans and non-binary employees.

  • Transgender Survey statistics - Statistics on negative aspects of being transgender in 21st Century Western Society (includes victimisation at work, harassment in daily life, general mental health issues, etc.).
  • Terminology and Etiquette – Definitions, up-to-date terms, how to approach different work-related situations
  • UK Law - To identify current legislation relating to trans and gender diverse people in UK
  • Transgender science - educate participants on the scientific reasoning for the existence of transgender people, and other related issues. Giving employers and employees a better understanding of the science and history of sex and gender
  • Transition options - educate attendees on NHS agencies and options a trans-person has to transition; enabling employers in understanding the need for sick leave, or changes to working arrangements for trans people undergoing physical transition
  • Trans culture around the world - Trans cultures around the world and through time, for example Hijra, Fa’afafine, Waria, Chuckchi, Two-spirits, Kathoey, etc. To show attendees that there are other cultures that accept trans-people and cultures with more than two genders, in order to give employers and employees a more rounded understanding of the concept of gender
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission Guidelines - Analyse EHRC guidelines on the treatment of trans people in the place of work.