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Weldability Sif EAL Responsible Welding Coordinator Course

Since the European standard EN 1090 became mandatory for all structural fabricators in 2014, it has been a requirement for each company to appoint a Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC), who is responsible for overseeing all factors affecting the quality-management system which governs their welding activities.

This recognised training course provides a Level 4 Award and Certificate of Verifiable Achievement from EAL. It is suitable for Welders, Managers, Supervisors, Inspectors and Quality Personnel in the structural steel fabrication sector, who are looking to serve as a Responsible Welding Coordinator. 
  • Course Content
  • The Weldability Sif EAL Level 4 course features a distance-learning component for underpinning theory, followed by an intensive 4-day classroom and workshop-based component focusing on:

    • Welding Process Technology (MIG / FCAW / MMA / TIG)
    • Welding Consumables & Materials
    • Welding Metallurgy (C Mn / Steel / Stainless Steel / Aluminium)
    • Welding Design (Joint details / Preparation)
    • Welding Imperfections (Identifying causes, and taking remedial action)
    • Inspection Techniques (Visual, NDT and destructive testing)
    • Welding Procedure Qualifications (pWPS / WPQR)
    • Welder / Welding Operator Qualifications
    • Welding Quality Management Systems (EN ISO 3834)
    • Welding Coordinator Duties (EN ISO 14731)
    • Application Legislator Requirements (EN 1090)
  • Pre-requisites
  • This course is suitable for Welders, Managers, Supervisors, Inspectors and Quality Personnel, and other professionals in the structural steel fabrication sector who are looking to improve their technical knowledge in welding practices, welding inspection, metallurgy and quality control, in order to serve as Responsible Welding Coordinator or as Welding Coordinator.
  • Assessment
  • Following a practical, verbal and written assessment, the successful candidates receive an EAL Certificate of Verifiable Achievement and a kit of useful document templates and RWC inspection tools.
  • More details
  • The Responsible Welding Coordinator, or ‘RWC’, is a role title which was introduced with EN ISO 14731, alongside EN ISO 3834 and focuses on Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding. The EN1090 notifying bodies conduct detailed interviews and assessments of the RWC as part of their annual audits, and achievement of this unique Level 4 Award can demonstrate competence in this role, and help to prepare candidates for such interviews.