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The General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) originates in EU law. It is intended to provide protection for individuals’ personal data by imposing various restrictions on how other individuals and companies can use that data. 

Although the UK has now left the EU, the EU GDPR has been incorporated into our domestic law as the UK GDPR, albeit with certain modifications to take account of Brexit. In addition, further detailed rules sit alongside and supplement the UK GDPR provisions in the form of the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018). 

GDPR and Data Protection considerations for employers

The GDPR regime imposes stringent requirements on employers and, as such, this poses a real challenge for HR professionals to ensure that they are processing employee personal data in a ‘fair, lawful and transparent’ way (and in accordance with the other data protection principles) and that they are complying with all applicable documentation and accountability requirements. 

How we can help

Our team of 70 HR solicitors, lawyers and HR consultants will ensure you comply, supporting you to build the right level of knowledge and providing hands-on support for more complex data protection issues. 

Choose the option right for you or we can tailor a solution to your business.

  • Meet your legal requirements to train all staff to a basic level of knowledge
  • Ensure those responsible for data protection compliance or those handling a lot of personal data have the knowledge to meet the requirements of the legislation
  • Legally drafted template documents giving you easy and convenient access to the full suite of documentation required by law
  • Bespoke support to help you respond to Subject Access Requests (SARs) in a compliant way, including analysing relevant documents and advising on the applicability of exemptions 

For further information and to discuss your requirements, please contact [email protected].

Essential GDPR Templates

Complete set of legally drafted template policies, notices, forms and supporting guides to help you easily and confidently meet the requirements of the law. 

Essentials of GDPR elearning

Embed the right level of knowledge across your workforce with an overview of the GDPR, giving staff an understanding of the key principles and what they mean to working practice.


Member resources

Make UK members have access to our online HR & Legal Resources, which include extensive guidance on the GDPR and employers’ data protection compliance obligations. 

If you are a Make UK member, click here to view these resources.

If you are interested in becoming a Make UK member, please contact [email protected]

Why choose Make UK

Personal service - we fit our expertise around your needs so you get the right support for your business

70 Lawyers and HR experts - whether your issue is legal or practical you will always get the answer you need

Flexible solutions - support available through consultancy, E-Learning & downloadable toolkit choose the solution that suit you