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Increased investment in health and wellbeing

The pandemic has escalated the pace at which employers are adopting health and wellbeing initiatives for their workforce. Findings in a Make UK report identified that 50% of those surveyed had increased spending on health and wellbeing during the pandemic.

With increased absence and the emotional, mental and physical toll of the pandemic employers are stepping up to support their workforce. 

How employers support the wellbeing of the workforce

There are many ways to support your employees, with our report showing that third party mental health advice and line manager training are the most utilised. Other common initiatives include offering mental health apps, in-house mental health support and focus group discussions. The correct support usually requires a mix of different solutions to be effective.

How we can help

Our team of HR, health and safety and legal practitioners can help you create a supportive environment that improves the wellbeing of your workforce.

  • Research and analysis to identify the wellbeing priorities and get clarity on your objectives and KPIs
  • Expertise to manage risks, engage your workforce and ensure legal compliance throughout 
  • Specialist training and support delivered by our carefully selected mental health practitioners
  • Vision sessions and consultancy to set the business agenda and get the support from the board
  • Off the shelf packages to deliver impactful support for your employees

Resources and Support

Health and Wellbeing Services

Our range of off the shelf services give you instant access to the support you need to deliver your wellbeing plan.

Download our Wellbeing Guide

Not sure where to start with your wellbeing journey or what solutions to put in place? Download our free guide.