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Importance of Mental Health Podcast

Make UK has developed a series of podcasts talking to wellbeing experts and some of our member companies about how they help and support the people that work for them.

Mental health toolkit - Covid-19 edition

Designed as a self-help programme for organisations with limited mental health and wellbeing expertise to be able to quickly implement interventions that provide support and improve the wellbeing of the workforce.

Our mental health toolkit provides a complete set of tools, policies and guides to give:

  • Your HR team the confidence to implement policies and documentation that provide a safe and compliant framework for mental health and wellbeing
  • Your managers the knowledge, understanding and tools to support their team members to manage mental and emotional stress 
  • Your workforce the knowledge and tools to understand their own levels of stress and mental health and follow a wellbeing plan of action to improve their mental and emotional state

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Employee Wellbeing after Covid-19 - Virtual Classroom

This interactive workshop gives HR managers, team leaders and managers the ability to support employees’ mental health and wellbeing as they return to the workplace.  

The workshop gives delegates the confidence to have conversations about mental health through understanding:

  • the impact of Covid-19 on employee mental health, wellbeing and the psychological impact of returning to work
  • the role of HR and people managers to supporting employee wellbeing

Book online or enquire about running the course for your teams here

Wellbeing training courses

Our suite of mental health courses, including Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA) accredited programmed, deliver the knowledge and skills to embed a positive and supportive environment for a healthy, energised and productive workforce.

ISO 45003 Conformance Audit

ISO 45003:2021 is the first global standard giving practical guidance on managing psychological health in the workplace, providing a framework on the management of psychosocial risk at work, as part of an occupational health and safety management system.

Whether or not your business subscribes to the new standard, we can audit your systems to help you understand how well you are managing mental health in the workplace.

£950. Find out more>


Workplace Wellbeing Survey


Our Organisational Wellbeing Survey benchmarks your current position by measuring staff morale and engagement and evaluating the impact of working practices to help you prioritise your wellbeing initiatives.

Typically, topics covered include: demands, control, support, role, working relationships, change and actual hours spent on work.

The survey can help you to:

  • Gain - valuable insight into what your employees are truly thinking
  • Measure - how engaged your employees are with current programmes
  • Drive - strategic decisions to influence positive change
  • Improve – measure and monitor continuous progress and development

We can operate our standard online survey with simple results (£4,950), or can work with you to design a bespoke survey questionnaire, with detailed results, advice, interpretation, guidance and recommendations.

Because we offer a full portfolio of business services, we are also equipped to provide a range of training and consultancy, so can deliver the solutions required.

Read how we helped global technology giant ABB to help benchmark their wellbeing with our Workplace Wellbeing Survey >>


Stress Risk Assessment

Stress, anxiety and depression linked to work are significant cause of harm to employees, accounting for 55% of all work related ill health in the UK. Employers are bound by law to assess the risks to which employees and the factors that affect mental health at work are no exception. 

‘Stress Risk Assessment’ is a key step in understanding and controlling the causes of mental ill health at work and employers should be considering the six ‘Management Standards’ of work design that reduce the risk harm occurring.

We can help. Find out more>

Physical Health Solutions

In partnership with Westfield Health we provide a portfolio of services designed to help your employees be as physically healthy as possible:

  • Wellbeing Journey – Support your employees’ physical and mental wellbeing needs via personalised guidance on a proven digital platform, together with a tailored programme based around mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery that helps your people and business perform better. Available from £15.50 per employee, per year.
  • DoctorLine™ – receive 24/7 telephone access to UK based GPs, from anywhere in the world, keeping your employees fit and healthy. Available from £9.99 per employee, per year. 
  • Health & lifestyle screening days – overall health assessments designed to give your staff the insight to make informed lifestyle decisions, helping them to be healthier and more informed. Available from £1,105 per day for up to 28 employees.
  • Wellbeing webinars or workshops – high impact, interactive group coaching sessions designed to encourage your employees to make positive behaviour changes, helping them to be the best that they can be. Covering topics such as resilience, nutrition, stress, smoking and exercise. Available from £1,215 per day.

Dependent on your needs, these services are available as a full package, or can be purchased individually.

Download our Wellbeing Guide

Not sure where to start with your wellbeing journey or what solutions to put in place?

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Workplace Wellebing Survey

ABB Case Study 

Learn more about how we helped global technology giant ABB benchmark wellbeing by conducting a Workplace Wellbeing Survey to identify and prioritise improvements.