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Health & Wellbeing Services

Health and wellbeing in the workforce are moving up the corporate agenda as employers understand that a healthy and happy workforce is more engaged and motivated.

We offer a full portfolio of training and consultancy in a range of areas that can influence wellbeing. Combining the expertise and capabilities of our employment lawyers, HR specialists, and health and safety consultants, Make UK will provide support to take your wellbeing strategy beyond compliance, into culture.


Our suite of training courses deliver the knowledge and skills to embed a positive and supportive environment for a healthy and energised workforce.

Wellbeing Training Courses

Stress Risk Assessment

A Stress Risk Assessment is a key step in understanding and controlling the causes of mental ill health at work. Employers should be considering the six ‘Management Standards’ of work design that reduce the risk harm occurring.

Make UK can support by:

  • Providing competent people to conduct a risk assessment for you
  • Offering practical advice to reduce risk
  • Deliver training to ensure you can conduct your own risk assessments


ISO 45003:2021 is the first global standard giving practical guidance on managing psychological health in the workplace, providing a framework on the management of psychosocial risk at work, as part of an occupational health and safety management system.

Whether or not your business subscribes to ISO 45003:2021, we can audit your systems to help you understand how well you are managing mental health in the workplace. Additionally, Make UK can provide support to deliver solutions based on the recommended actions.

Organisational Wellbeing and Pulse Surveys

Our Organisational Wellbeing and Pulse Surveys benchmark your current position by measuring staff morale and engagement and evaluating the impact of working practices to help you prioritise your wellbeing initiatives. 

Typically, topics covered include demands, control, support, role, working relationships, change, and actual hours spent on work.

The survey can help you to:

  • Gain - valuable insight into what your employees are truly thinking
  • Measure - how engaged your employees are with current programmes
  • Drive - strategic decisions to influence positive change
  • Improve – measure and monitor continuous progress and development

We can operate our standard online survey with simple results or can work with you to design a bespoke survey questionnaire, with detailed results, advice, interpretation, guidance, and recommendations.

Workplace Wellbeing Survey

ABB Case Study 

Learn more about how we helped global technology giant ABB benchmark wellbeing by conducting a Workplace Wellbeing Survey to identify and prioritise improvements. 

We’re here to help

We understand the complex challenges you face as a business. We also know how much you stand to gain with the right support and expertise behind you. Tell us about your organisation and we can find the right strategy for your business and your budget.