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Make UK is backing manufacturing to engineer a digital, global and green future.

Our dedicated Policy and Engagement team influence government policy to ensure the issues that matter to UK manufacturing are heard.  

We’re campaigning to ensure our sector can position ourselves as global leaders on world markets, make a digital future reality, lead the green revolution, and inspire the next generation of creators, makers and innovators. 

Our message to Government is clear, back UK manufacturing and support manufacturers to: 

  • boost productivity;
  • power economic growth; and 
  • deliver shared opportunity in every region of the UK.

We're making the voice of UK manufacturing count, and changing Government policy

Read how we've kept #BackingManufacturing all this year in our 2020 Insight, Influence, Impact report.

> 350 political engagements
> 77 membership board meetings
> 8,500 mentions in the media
> Over 2 million Twitter impressions

Our Campaigns

Building a strong industrial base

Why? A strong industrial base can boost productivity and deliver shared economic growth across the UK.

How? By putting the UK manufacturing sector once again at the heart of our economy through a refreshed Industrial Strategy.

Start up to scale up

Why? Harnessing the power of the UK manufacturing sector can help to revive and rebalance our regions.

How? Creating a business environment where manufacturers can grow and thrive to support regional communities and create good jobs.

Digital and green

Why? A digital and green future goes hand in hand as we transition towards a more sustainable economy.

How? Supporting plans to accelerate investment in digital and green technologies and tackling the barriers to achieving this, from finance to skills to cultural change.

Navigating our new partnership

Why? Manufacturers will need to adapt to a new global trading environment.

How? Supporting manufacturers to put trade trends into practical terms for business success, and ensuring UK manufacturing can compete on the global stage.

Gathering Manufacturing Intelligence

Complete our latest surveys and feed into our economic analysis of UK manufacturing, including sub-sector breakdowns, forecasts and wider policy work.


Become a member

We give our members a voice and enable manufacturers to connect, share and solve problems together. Our members meet like-minded others, facing the same issues. They gain insight, support and meet new suppliers.

We are #BackingManufacturing

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