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From the first industrial revolution to the fourth, manufacturing has been the UK’s economic engine, and world’s workshop.
The 20,000 manufacturers Make UK represent consistently demonstrate their ingenuity and resilience, providing solutions to the biggest societal challenges we face today.
Our message to Government in 2022 is clear, by backing UK manufacturing and its people, we can:

  • strengthen the UK’s industrial base 
  • deliver sustained stable growth
  • transition to a net-zero economy and
  • build resilient workplaces and workforces.

We're making the voice of UK manufacturing count, and changing Government policy

Read how we have support manufacturers this year in our Insight, Impact & Influence report:

  • > 400 political engagements
  • > 70 membership board meetings
  • > Over 8,600 mentions in the media
  • > Over 1.1 million impressions of our work on twitter 

Our Campaigns

Transitioning to a net-zero economy

Manufacturers will play a crucial role in the transition to a net-zero carbon economy, not only by cutting its own greenhouse gas emissions, but also through the innovative products, processes and services that will become an integral part of the green industrial revolution.

Building resilient workplaces and workforces 

The impact of the pandemic on the manufacturing workforce has been significant - from embracing remote working and learning, to upskilling and retraining employees to new digital ways of working. Building resilient workforces and workplaces will be crucial to the success of not only the sector, but the wider economy. 


Delivering sustained stable growth

The manufacturing sector employs 2.7 million people with wages 13% higher than the economy average. As we look ahead to building sustained and stable growth in the next decade, manufacturers will be looking for Government to create a conducive business environment which supports this ambition to invest, grow and expand.


Operating without borders

Our Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU gives us the ability to do things differently and better suited economically. We must continue to be a global champion of free and fair trade and to ensure that the openness of our economy – to the free flow of trade, capital, data, innovation, and ideas - means that the
UK remains one of the best places in the world to do business.

Gathering Manufacturing Intelligence

Complete our latest surveys and feed into our economic analysis of UK manufacturing, including sub-sector breakdowns, forecasts and wider policy work.


Become a member

We give our members a voice and enable manufacturers to connect, share and solve problems together. Our members meet like-minded others, facing the same issues. They gain insight, support and meet new suppliers.

We are #BackingManufacturing

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