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EEF Ltd, trading as MAKE UK, is a company limited by guarantee. We do not have shareholders, instead our members act as our guarantors.

We are governed by our Corporate Board of Directors which comprises a balance of both member and independent non-executive directors. This ensures that MAKE UK is run by the members for the members with the benefit of independent expertise and oversight.

MAKE UK’s Corporate Board of Directors comprises primarily non-executive Directors, plus the Chief Executive, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Finance Officer. Collectively, they are responsible for governing MAKE UK, using their wealth of knowledge and experience to provide leadership, guidance and strategic direction.

To ensure good governance the following Corporate Board Sub-Committees have been established:

  • Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Finance and Investment Committee
  • Ethics Committee


Day-to-day operational management is delegated to the Executive Board

Our National Membership Board is our national member forum drawing together our regional, sector and subject voices into our overarching advocacy position. Our National Membership Board reports periodically into our Corporate Board of Directors.






Our mandate comes from our members

Make UK is not a political organisation.

We represent objectively the views of manufacturing businesses based on evidence to obtain outcomes which advance our sector and support it to provide employment and growth.                                            

Make UK is inclusive

At Make UK we embrace and value individuality.

We are committed to sustaining an inclusive working environment where everyone is and feels welcome, motivated and able to thrive.

Code Of Conduct

MAKE UK recognises that its members aspire to the very highest standards within your business and want MAKE UK to help support that across the industry. As such, this Member Code of Conduct belongs to you, our members. By joining or remaining a member of Make UK you are deemed to have accepted the terms of this code of conduct.

We also ask our members to adhere to our Event Code of Conduct.

Make UK and Sustainability

Make UK is sustainable. We are committed to contributing positively to global climate action and biodiversity through administrative and technological changes to our processes and assets, and to the way we conduct business.

Our Pensions

For those who want to find out all about Make UK’s Pension Fund Investments, you can find out more here.