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Make UK Modular is the voice of the UK's largest and most advanced manufacturers of volumetric modular homes.

Make UK Modular

Greener, Better, Faster: Modular’s Role in Solving the Housing Crisis. Make Modular’s groundbreaking report shows Government backing for modular construction would deliver 20,000 low energy use homes across the UK - costing 55% less to heat than the average British ‘bricks and mortar’ family house.

About Make UK Modular

Make UK Modular is the voice of modular’ – the most advanced form of housing construction in the United Kingdom. Make UK: Modular was founded in 2021 and has grown to include Ilke Homes, L&G Modular Homes, Top Hat, Laing O’Rourke, Vision Modular and Stelling Properties.

‘Volumetric’ modular is pioneering the next generation of buildings. We enable the building of new houses and apartments at scale, with inspiring design, employ cutting edge technology for construction and living, while creating the most sustainable buildings on earth. By building factories in areas of low economic activity we create thousands of jobs to help the nation level up.

The UK housing market is still running on 19th-century technology and practices. In no other major industry has industrialisation been so slow to take place. With substantial private equity investment from the likes of Goldman Sachs, L&G and TDR Capital, modular housing can transform UK housing and deliver better quality new homes, faster and more efficiently than traditional build.

What we do

  • Engage with all levels of Government to ensure that the volumetric modular understood and supported by Government
  • Work with members to develop and share technical solutions and best practice
  • Ensure the benefits of volumetric modular are well understood by Government, the media, and the public
  • Work with lenders, funders, and other financial institutions to create a robust economic environment for volumetric modular providers
  • Clearly articulate the past, present, and future of the volumetric modular housing industry
  • Deliver robust, evidence-based reports and policy recommendations

Publications and News

Modular Monitor: The sector is at a tipping point
Modular Monitor: MMC giants join forces


For more information about membership please contact Steve Cole, Director: Make Modular, [email protected]