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E.ON is leading the energy transition: providing smart, sustainable, personalised solutions for customers, whether they’re individuals or families, big and small businesses, even entire towns and cities. 

Our core businesses mirror the major changes that are happening today – creating a new energy world that is decentralised, green, and interconnected. 

For UK manufacturing, the need to maintain a competitive advantage has never been more important, given the uncertainty of European and global economies.

Reducing cost per unit produced is a key measure for all manufacturers, and this is where E.ON can help. But it is not just the bottom line that is driving changes in manufacturing.

The UK has a net-zero carbon target by 2050, meaning every business must act to reduce their emissions.

When it comes to climate change, there is much that the energy industry can do, beginning with renewable energy supplies, energy efficiency and smart technologies, helping customers to reduce their environmental impact by using less energy or generating and storing it themselves. 

Whether manufacturers want to connect their buildings, optimise their energy use or generate on-site to reduce their carbon impact, E.ON can help. Working together we can help businesses to improve productivity and competitiveness.

More than 350,000 businesses across the UK choose us to meet their energy needs, making us one of the leading energy providers in the UK. As part of E.ON Group we are also one of the foremost energy companies in the world. For more information visit