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HULFT is the flagship product from Saison, a Japanese IT solution innovator. Established in Japan in 1970 Saison launched HULFT in 1993. 

HULFT enables companies to automate traditionally manual processes to eliminate the risks of duplication and errors which are inherent when moving significant volumes of data. HULFT can integrate legacy systems with more contemporary applications, and its suite of connectors and intuitive software development kit enable it to connect virtually any system to another.

As a result HULFT enables companies to deliver secure centralised visibility and management of data across all operations whilst eliminating the need for manual data entry thereby removing the issues caused by human error. It also offers the benefit of allowing organisations to move data quickly and securely. 

Many businesses, as a result of organic growth, have found themselves using a wide range of disparate data sources and managing multiple streams of supply chain data. HULFT offers a solution to centrally manage the entire data operation. From traditional extract, transform and load processes, to more multifaceted integrations, HULFT is a cost-effective solution designed to lead digital transformation.

Whilst particularly suited to the manufacturing, retail and distribution and logistics sectors, HULFT is used by a wide range of organisations that struggle with legacy systems, disparate data sources, rekeying vast volumes data or those needing to respond to the challenge of digital transformation.  

The HULFT solution is being used by more than 10,000 customers across 43 countries to automate, orchestrate, and accelerate the secure flow of information at scale. In 2017 alone, HULFT was implemented in more than 400 companies of varying sizes and across a range of sectors including manufacturing, retail, financial, distribution and health care. 

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