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The UK Steel Charter aims to maximise opportunities for the UK economy and UK steel producers by encouraging and promoting measures that can be taken in relation to the procurement of steel. 

UK Steel Charter 

Find out what steps you could take in order to increase the social, economic and environmental value of your procurement decisions. 


Our Signatories

See which organisations have signed the UK Steel Charter and the steps they are taking to support our vital strategic industry and add value to their projects.  

Benefits of signing the UK Steel Charter

The benefits of supporting the UK steel industry and UK manufacturing are clear and numerous, they include:

  • Increase the economic value a project delivers to the UK 
  • Increase the ability and potential of each prject to spread its economic benefits across the UK
  • Increase the interest in the competitive process and therefore help deliver best value for money
  • Deliver against a wider range of outcomes, such as the social and environmental benefits that can flow from procurement decisions
  • Provide a strong pipeline of projects in the UK that helps anchor manufacturing and accompanying innovation, here in the UK.