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Certificate in Environmental Management (PIEMA)

This course is designed for experienced environmental professionals, working at an operational level and looking to progress their career as an environmental practitioner. By completing the course you will gain detailed environmental and sustainability knowledge and be able to apply environmental management/assessment tools and skills that are needed to be an effective environment/sustainability practitioner.

The course covers all the areas of knowledge and environmental training you need to become an IEMA Practitioner (PIEMA).

  • Course content
  • The course will be delivered across 3 taught modules and a 4th module consisting of a submitted Assessment of Competence. The modules are:

    Module 1: Fundamentals of Sustainability, Business and Governance

    • The implications of global trends for the environment, for society, for the economy and for organisations and the role of an
    • Environment/Sustainability practitioner in overcoming these challenges
    • Sustainable business/governance models, their underlying principles and their relationship with organisations, products and services

    Module 2: Environmental Principles, Policy and Legislation

    • Environmental principles and their relationship with organisations, products and services
    • Major environmental policies and legislation and their implications for organisations, products and services

    Module 3: Environmental Management/Assessment Tools and Skills

    • Tools, techniques, systems and practices, their application and how they can be used to develop sustainable products and services and improve sustainability performance 
    • The role of innovation and other leading practices in developing sustainable products and services and providing sustainable solutions 
    • Collecting and critically analysing data, and report information that informs decision making
    • Identifying problems and assessing opportunities that deliver innovative and sustainable products and services
    • Determine, implement and measure methods of effective communication
    • Identify and engage in two way communication with stakeholders
    • Applying or implementing tools, techniques, systems and practices that identify  opportunities and  risks
    • Delivering projects and programmes that achieve performance improvement
    • Implementing change and transformation
  • Pre-requisites
  • Learners attending this course are expected to have a foundation level of environmental / sustainability knowledge gained through work experience or a relevant course e.g. the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management or equivalent. 

  • Assessment
  • More details
  • By completing this course, delegates will:

    • Cover all the areas of knowledge you need to become an IEMA Practitioner (PIEMA)
    • Influence stakeholders and deliver change in the way the organisation manages its environmental performance
    • Develop and deliver an approach to environmental management that supports the business’s strategic goals and ensures compliance with environmental legislation and enables
    • Meet the academic requirements to study the IEMA Diploma in Sustainable Business Practice.