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5G is the 5th generation of mobile network telecommunications - it represents a step change in network performance capability, providing business grade service levels, reliability and availability incomparable with earlier generations.

Manufacturers are increasingly adopting solutions to address core business challenges and improve levels of productivity. However, many find that although their operations could see transformative benefits from industrial digital technologies including IoT sensors and analytics, collaborative robots and augmented reality, uptake is not as effective as it could be. This might be because these tools are only as good as the technology that connects them.

Promising improved bandwidth, greater speeds, and secure and customisable networks, 5G can boost the implementation of these technologies. These features, as well as several others, have meant that as innovation and experimentation with emerging tech increases, 5G has taken centre stage, demonstrating capabilities such as wirelessly connecting automation equipment, remote operations, predictive maintenance, improved asset tracking and virtual training. These innovative use cases are expected to help industry users cut costs, reduce downtime, reduce carbon emissions and improve productivity.

The Industrial 5G Testbeds & Trials programme (I5GTT) - the UK’s first large-scale R&D programme tackling industry 4.0 use cases - is being coordinated by Digital Catapult on behalf of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). I5GTT provides first hand insights from businesses at the cutting edge of adoption of 5G enabled solutions. As part of this, Digital Catapult has launched Industrial 5G: Toolkit for Business in a Digital Future. This free, practical and interactive resource has been designed to help businesses navigate the complex 5G landscape and learn more about real world case studies, 5G terminology and useful industry players to know in manufacturing, logistics, construction and smart cities.

Those in industry are also invited to join Digital Catapult’s online event ‘Industrial 5G Uncovered: Spotlight on manufacturing & logistics' on 16 November. During this webinar, attendees will gain insights from leading industrial 5G adopters including Ford UK, BAE Systems, Hutchison Ports and the North East Automotive Alliance. They will also have the opportunity to meet peers and innovators in a virtual network session.

This webinar is for those looking to: 

  • Gain new ideas on improving efficiency and productivity from manufacturing and logistics experts leading the way in 5G adoption 
  • Discover new use cases from national and international projects
  • Find out more about how to overcome 5G barriers to adoption and innovation

Visit  for more information and future events in the series.