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Most people are well aware that electric cars are disrupting the global automotive industry. However, there are many uses for their batteries that go beyond personal vehicles. Hyperdrive Innovation, one of the UK’s leading energy storage start-ups (and EEF’s February Meet the Maker featured company), has entered several key global markets with their battery technology. Here is just a sampling:


Airport ground fleets

Next time you’re boarding a plane, take a look out of the window for the various vehicles buzzing around the tarmac. From luggage carriers to ground power units, battery energy storage systems are perfect for a variety of airport ground service fleets.   


Residential energy storage

More home owners are now looking for ways to be independent from the grid by installing solar panels to power their homes. Batteries provide an ideal solution to store surplus energy and use it during peak times.


Warehouse robots

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, and UK manufacturers are expanding their fleets of robots to enhance productivity and optimise performance, availability and running time. Increasingly, these robots are integrated with battery energy storage systems to allow 24/7 operations.


Municipal vehicles

Street sweepers and maintenance vehicles are just a couple of vehicles most local authorities deploy. Utilising battery energy storage means a clean energy alternative to fossil fuel vehicles in major cities and towns around the world.


Autonomous vehicles

One of the most buzzed about trends in the automotive industry is self-driving vehicles. Cities around the globe are considering how public transportation can make use of this technology, which often make use of battery technology.


Construction equipment

The drive to reduce diesel exhaust emissions is not just limited to vehicles. Construction equipment such as diggers, excavators and dumpers can benefit from battery energy storage to provide cleaner energy to building sites.


Portable energy storage

From festivals to touring events, exhibitions to camping trips, portable energy storage can be a challenge for places where connecting to the National Grid isn’t possible. Battery powered generators are reliable solutions that provide power on the go.


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