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A short guide to development options for your top talent 290X217By: Alison Valente - L&D Consultant – HR & Legal Specialist  

When coming to deciding on the right development solution for your workforce, there are lots of options to choose from, however it is about choosing which will be most effective in the long run and where skills and experience combined will be embedded effectively.


Development options

The following are development solutions that can help your top talent to develop skills, knowledge and experience needed to reach the next level of their professional path, and translating this to the improvement of the business’ productivity and efficiency. 

1. Leadership and management development programmes

Training is one of the most thorough and comprehensive ways for managers to develop their leadership skills. They equip managers with the skills and knowledge they need to become successful leaders, whether they are new in their role, an aspiring middle manager or senior managers looking to develop their skills in strategic management. 

You may decide on training and development packages so individuals can study outside of their everyday role, which can greatly benefit the learning experience and intake of new knowledge to embed back into the workplace. There is a range of short courses, accredited programmes and development packages to choose from, so you’ll never be short of offering the right training that will embed the right skills your organisation needs. 

2. Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring is a collaborative, one-to-one relationship between a leader and a coach. This can either be an existing senior employee who mentors individuals in the organisation, or a consultant who will work with the organisation and the individual. 

A coach can help achieve specific goals as part of their career path and help bring behavioural change, to transform an individual’s performance as well as personal life. 

3. Self-learning or on the job work experience

Self–learning through on-line resources, as well as learning on the job, is another way to develop experience and skill, if the requirement is within the individual’s current role. Although this type of learning can be driven by the individual, make sure you define specific competencies and set out a plan so that the needs of both the individual and the business are met.

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Training options for your top talent

Whilst training isn’t the only way to develop a person in post, it’s pretty high on the list for effectively developing someone who has demonstrated potential and who wishes to dedicate time to study, enhance their skills and contribute further to the organisation.  
If you’re looking to develop your star performers through leadership and management training, there are 3 routes you can choose from. 

Option 1: the Levy option

Our Levy option is for those who undertake regular training, that have a desire to grow and develop within the organisation and who are interested in long term study. 

If you are an organisation in scope of Levy, are exploring long term programmes, and have individuals wanting to commit to a longer period of study, this approach may be best for both you and the individual. You can discover all the ways EEF can help you make the most of your Levy funding.

Option 2: ‘the accredited or bespoke option’

This training option applies for those who haven’t undertaken training for some time and may not have access to development programmes as the organisation may not be equipped to provide longer term study options or have not embedded a training plan to develop individuals. For this option, there are accredited programmes in leadership and essential management you can consider.

Option 3: Short Courses

If taking time out of work to carry out training represents a concern for your organisation, then short leadership and management courses may be the ideal solution for you. 

The development needs of your top talent must be met as well as your company aims, so I invite you to consider also an accredited or tailored training programme, which can be rewarding to both the individual (receiving a qualification) and to the organisation (receiving a highly skilled employee). This represents a win-win for both the employer and the employee.

Download your own copy of ‘Training options for your top talent’ below.

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