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You may have seen in the press that our partners at SHE Software have rebranded as Evotix.

Evotix believes that every person has a right to work in a safe and fulfilling environment, which is a value we share here at Make UK.

Even now, in the 21st year of the 21st century, over 5,000 people die in workplaces in Europe and North America. This is a fraction of the worldwide total and only refers to accidents; many more die from occupational diseases. Add injuries and ill health, including mental problems, and the figure multiplies a thousandfold. Much of that burden falls on society’s most disadvantaged.

Behind every statistic is a name and a family … and we join Evotix in saying ‘This is NOT ok’.

Andrew Ward, Health, Safety and Sustainability (HSS) Director at Make UK comments:

We are very excited by the product and service coverage provided by Evotix. Access to technology for HSS does and is increasingly playing a part in keeping people healthy and safe in their workplace. The key word being access, the simpler the better and covering a wide range of devices and environments is so important. We work with Evotix because we believe that no matter the size or type of organisation having access to transformative HSS technology is a must.

Evotix creates dynamic EHS and wellbeing solutions built for a rapidly changing world. Combined with Make UK’s EHS support packages, they’ll give you all the efficiencies, reassurance, and confidence you need to increase environmental, health and safety performance.

Simon Cooke, Head of Partner Channel at Evotix, elaborates:

We talk to a lot of organisations who have the desire to improve the way they tackle workplace issues around EHS and wellbeing … but they find it hard to navigate the options available to them and often, inertia wins the day. Working with Make UK we give customers the confidence to transform by bringing people and technology together with intuitive, human tools that radically change their approach to EHS management

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