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Following last night’s election, the Conservative Party has gained a massive victory, now with a majority government, Mr Johnson now promises to "get BREXIT done” with the Conservatives promising to push BREXT through before the end of the year.  Prior to the election, Mr Johnson stated that the government would conduct a far reaching defense review.  Now elected it is expected that the British government will conduct an extensive review integrating defence, security and foreign policy.

The Conservatives are offering what appears to be a fundamental review of Britain’s armed forces, with Mr Johnson saying the initiative will lead to a “huge technological upgrade of security forces to keep Britain safe and strengthen NATO.”  The review is scheduled to get underway next year and be led by the Prime Minister's office, said Mr Johnson.

Mr Johnson to the media saying it would be the “deepest review of Britain’s defense, security and foreign policy since the end of the Cold War.

Britain’s top military officer wants unvarnished look at the state of UK forces
Britain's top military officer says any future defense review needs to be upfront about the state of the military, taking stock of the risks in readiness and resilience previously taken for the sake of efficiency gains.  Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Nick Carter said during his annual speech to the Royal United Services Institute:

“A defense review will need to be honest about the true state of our forces. This involves mobilizing ourselves to improve readiness and enhance resilience; to protect our critical national infrastructure; and to think laterally about how to outmaneuver our opponents and communicate our actions,” 

Our starting point for a review should be a proper assessment of the threat, and this should take the form of a net assessment that determines where our current trajectory will take us in 2030 relative to those of our competitors. We might deduce from this that our approach to deterrence needs updating, for the form of authoritarian political warfare that we are confronted with requires a more dynamic approach.

The 2010 strategic defense and security review slashed military capabilities in order to balance the budget, and while some of that equipment was replaced in the 2015 review funding was dependent on finding significant efficiencies elsewhere in the armed forces. That’s a requirement which has posed a major challenge.

Due to the election there have been no Parliamentary questions.

The BAE Systems element of the Tempest team (BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Leonardo, MBDA, collectively badged as “K4”) have created an email account for potential suppliers to use to express interest. 

The repository email for Tempest is:[email protected]

1) Any interest should be sent to this repository - brief overview of capability, how the company can add value, their USP etc. Also any information regarding any stakeholders that the company may have already worked or had contact with in any of the K4 companies.

2) Any supplier sending information to this account will receive an acknowledgement advising that they will receive a response within 20 days.

Any submissions to this account will also be forwarded to the other K4 partners.

BAE and Jaunt Air Mobility Collaborate on Electric Energy Management Systems for Urban Air Mobility Platforms

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Turkey to Rolls-Royce: Let’s renegotiate terms for TF-X fighter jet support

NATO will try to push China on arms control

Britain’s defense ties to the EU are still up in the air post-Brexit

NATO awards contracts for Alliance Future Surveillance and Control capability

UK lays out P-8 delivery schedule

Type 45 power supply upgrade delayed

UK-India Business Council sets up defence group

US investment firm acquires UK engine parts makers 

Private sector drives increase in UK defence R&D

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