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To achieve long-term, sustainable growth and stay competitive, modern manufacturing businesses are looking at talent development programmes to fill their skills gaps and retain their best talent.

However, each company is a vibrant entity composed by a multitude of different roles and may be difficult for training managers to ascertain which training option would be best suited to overcome each specific challenge.

Drawing from EEF’s 120-year long experience and expertise, we created a new set of trump cards to help your staff get on the right development path. These will help your workforce get a better understanding of their current role and what Leadership and Management, Business, HR and Employment Law training they need to further their career.

Whether yours is a manufacturing business or not, you will have at least one of these roles amongst your workforce.

Download the full trump cards


Shift-Manager-Monica-Garcia     Process-Engineer-Derek-Harrison 


Regional-Sales-Manager-Simon-Brown     Warehouse-Manager-Pamela-Douglas 


HR-Manager-Catherine-Webb     Supply-Chain-Manager-Jason-Newman 


Business-Owner-MD-Brandon-Quinn     Operations-Manager-Sanoj-Patel

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