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#1 What % of exports could be affected by a no-deal Brexit?

A granular analysis of the exposure of UK exports to EU tariffs, quotas and antidumping under ‘no deal’. More here.


#2 How to lower the admin and transaction costs associated with trade



#3 How will 5G change the world?

And how is it different to 4G?


#4 Wakandanomics - "Resource curse"? Maybe it's just a myth

Maybe it’s just a comic.


#5 The history of trade tariffs warns against Trump protectionism

But they didn’t have Twitter back then.


#6 Climate change is messing with your dinner

And soon your economy too: “As temperatures rise, the best growing conditions for many crops are moving away from the tropics, and from lower lying land to cooler climbs. Fish and other underwater catches, too, are migrating to colder seas as their habitats warm.”

More here.


#7 These are the 10 passwords you should never use

Stay cyber-aware kids.


#8 To make informed decisions on policy we need better trade data

Anyone want to take up the challenge?


#9 Tax reform in the US, lessons from the UK

a.k.a. we told you so