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#1 Is there anything better than some charts to start?

Six “graphical” reasons why the world is improving.


#2 Are Twitter trends for sale?

Yes, and it seems you can improve popularity in a few hours for a very reasonable fee.


#3 No babies? Well it might be an early recession sign

A new interesting NBER paper shows that the birth rate turns down before and not after a recession.


#4 Measuring inflation. What’s in and what’s out!

The ONS updated its basket of goods.

Leggings please come in. Pork pies, it’s time to leave.

#5 Do you find it difficult to find the right employee? Well you are not alone.

After years of unemployment, France is facing the opposite problem.

Mon Dieu!


#6 Why it feels like Facebook is listening through your mic?

No, you don’t need to put tape all over your computer.

Just check your settings!

#7 Cambridge Analytica tool

I guess you heard enough about it, but well…here’s some more.


#8 Trade wars and the prisoner’ dilemma

“…players are likely to gravitate towards a bad “Nash” equilibrium, even when a good equilibrium is available through co-operative behaviour.”


#9 Stuff invented by women

“Throughout history, countless women have made invaluable contributions to the world, despite facing gender-based discrimination. “

Thanks for that!