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#1 Wages are running fast!


UK workers have recently seen the quickest growth in a decade as we have previously pointed out in one of our recent blogs.


#2 But maybe this came at a big cost

Exhausted UK staff work harder and faster ‘just to stand still’.


#3 The solution to join higher wages and low level of stress? Clearly, productivity

We can either learn it from ants or from our latest productivity report.


#4 Investing in 4IR can increase efficiency

And also avoid some uncomfortable talks during your taxi ride.


 #5 Investing in infrastructure as almost always a good way to boost productivity

Well, the new Chinese bridge is really impressive.


#6 If we don’t want to invest that much money, we can at least fix those potholes

Repair is as important as innovation.


#7 Researching the link between innovation and economic forecasting could win you the Nobel Prize

William Nordhaus and Paul Romer just won the 2018 Nobel prize because of that.


#8 If you are not productive, you might rely on a weak currency. Or maybe not?

What happens to exports when currencies fall? A question we've thought about a lot in the past few years.


#9 And to conclude, eating well can improve your productivity and your health, but we need to find policies that work correctly.

Do "sin taxes" work? Well, it depends on how you design them.


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