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#1. This is a must read if you received a job offer from abroad

If you are able to guess the top three…well you must be a globetrotter.


#2 Prices doubling every 15 hours? Yes, it happened

And, you know, after all 3% inflation is not too bad.


#3 According to Nationwide, not much is left after essential spending

41% of people have less than £6.60 to spend freely.


#4 Need more disposable income? Manufacturing can be the answer

After our Fact card also the FT confirms that.


#5 Are you working long hours? Is it worth it?

The World Economic Forum has an advice for you: “it’s time to go home!”


#6 Do employees really rise to their level of incompetence?

Maybe managers should really read this article before giving a promotion.


#7 What did world leaders study at school?

Politics, economics, and law are on top…but it’s not all about them.


#8 The Lost Decade

10 years after the start of the worst recession since 1929.


#9 And of course something about Brexit

Stockpiling? Yes, it’s happening.


And also a special #10 for you: A NewStatesman interview of our Chief Economist Lee Hopley.

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