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The global sale of electric vehicles is set to rise exponentially year on year for the foreseeable future as new restrictions on diesel and petrol vehicles are to be introduced in many countries. Last year, UK sales of all-electric cars rose 37% and plug-in hybrid sales increased by 15%

The British aren’t just leading the way as consumers, but as makers too. One example is Hyperdrive Innovation, a start-up based in the north east that has quickly become a key player in this expanding market. The business was designed from the beginning to have processes that would allow them to fit perfectly with tier 1 automotive suppliers. And their strategy has paid off with triple digit growth expected this year. One of the keys to their success has been becoming the first company to supply Nissan LEAF lithium-ion battery technology for their own commercial products and hold key intellectual property which puts them at the forefront of technological advances.

Stephen Irish, Commercial Director of Hyperdrive explains, “The scale of both the electric vehicle and battery energy storage markets are growing very quickly. People used to talk about if electric vehicles were coming, and now it is when. And that’s very obvious from what’s in the media around restrictions on diesel vehicles.”

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