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18 April 2019


Anyone undertaking work on oxygen systems must be familiar with the properties and hazards associated with oxygen.


UK Steel has produced a Code of Practice (CoP) from a review of the Corus Engineering Standard EIS1 (2002) and other relevant documents. It is essential to ensure that all engineering operations on oxygen systems are carried out to a high standard and that all personnel involved observe the appropriate safety procedures and are deemed competent to fulfil all aspects of their role.


Oxygen is classified as a dangerous substance and must be treated with the appropriate respect at all times. Whatever the incentive procedures should never be short cut and if in doubt, a competent person should be consulted.


This is the second document in a series of three. The first being GUIDANCE NOTE 34 - The Safe Use Of Gases In The Steel Industry, produced in conjunction with the British Compressed Gases Association. The third will be guidance on the Operation and Maintenance of Works Oxygen Systems.

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