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Despite a challenging backdrop over recent years in terms of recruitment and retention of skilled staff, manufacturers have continued to demonstrate an appetite to invest in their workforces as keeping hold of good people remains a critical priority for them.  

Our recent Labour Turnover report showed that, compared with 12 months ago, there is significantly less workforce churn across the sector. This year’s Shift Premia and Benefits Benchmark report illustrates how and why manufacturers are rewarding their staff for different shift patterns, extra responsibilities and additional hours, as well as how they are supporting new parents and those suffering from ill health.  

At different points in their working lives, manufacturing employees benefit from a range of financial and non-financial backing from their employers. You can read more about these benefits in our full report which can be accessed below. 

Free for members who completed the Shift Premia survey (contact [email protected] to receive your free copy of the report). 

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