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Are you ready to export? This practical guide for manufacturers, developed with the combined knowledge of experienced exporters, takes you through the steps necessary to trade successfully overseas so that you can take advantage of the vast opportunities available when entering new markets.

Whether you are new to exporting or want to review your export strategy, this guide will help you on your journey.

How to use the Guide

The guide is set out in three sections, Section 1 provides a short introduction to international trade and exporting, Section 2 is a step-by-step guide with key recommendations and finally, Section 3 contains a Glossary of key trade terms. 

Below download full Exporting: A how-to guide here

Available resources

Industry report / Trade

Step by Step

The following 5 steps can be used either in a series or as standalone guidance. Where to start depends on your own export journey.

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It can be a challenge to get your goods to market and to adapt your product where necessary, but step one is to get your business fit and healthy to trade internationally.




While the prospect of exporting may be challenging initially, with experience and knowledge the requirements to export successfully will become “business as usual”.







You need to develop a dedicated export plan if this is going to form a core part of your business strategy. That will include everything from marketing budget to market selection, costs and pricing, market-entry approach, and planning for different regulations.





Bring all your research and planning together into an export plan for a specific customer and product profile which identifies issues, understands funding opportunities and enables a smooth export process.





The last step is setting up your new relationship, delivering your goods, fulfilling your trade obligations and communicating with your customer. Following up with your customer is essential.


International trade can be hugely rewarding and can bring numerous economic benefits which go beyond what can be achieved by selling solely in the domestic market. Correctly executed, exporting can be highly rewarding on many levels.