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Next generation homeowners are happy to pay more for greener homes and put environmental issues top of their buying agenda, according to new Make UK research.

Make UK Modular’s new report - Green Shoots: The Future of UK House Building – written in partnership with Octopus Energy, reveals the public backing for greener, more energy efficient homes.

A survey of 2,300 UK adults, carried out by Savanta, showed that 60% of renters and buyers view environmental performance of a new home as important, with half saying they’d pay more upfront for a more environmentally friendly one, and nearly 80% saying they’d pay more for one with lower energy bills. By age, it is under 30s who see greener homes as being of the greatest importance.

The report also outlines modular housebuilders’ calls for a green housing revolution to tackle the housing and climate crises, with a radical approach to stamp duty based on a home’s energy performance front and centre of proposals, which also include reforms to both the Affordable Homes Programme and planning processes, in order to fast-track greener house building.

The public perception of modular homes as being part of the solution is positive - with more than 25% citing them as environmentally friendly, nearly 30% as being efficient, and more than 35% as modern.

The case for these types of homes is strong too, with modular manufacturers able to build greener homes at a competitive price, of which many fall into the top energy performance band, saving the average family up to £1,000 a year on its energy bills.

Octopus Energy has even succeeded in providing a Zero Bills™ guarantee for five years on highly energy efficient homes which are fitted with low carbon technologies. The UK’s largest electricity supplier is already working with a number of Make UK Modular’s members in a bid to deliver 50,000 of these greener, bill-free properties by 2025.

We are on the cusp of a green housing revolution. This report clearly shows wide public demand for modular building methods that reduce the costs to the environment and to household budgets. We now need to see action on the part of government to allow for these greener homes that not only help reduce the carbon cost of construction but help the household pocket too. Government can help today at zero cost to the Treasury by introducing demand side reforms of stamp duty rates, reforming the Affordable Homes Programme allocation for modular builders, and using unspent pledged funding to help improve supply chains.
Daniel Paterson Director of Government Affairs, Make UK Modular
The evidence is clear to see: greener homes are fast becoming hot property, and modular manufacturers are particularly well placed to deliver the revolution. When powered by Octopus’ industry-leading smart tariffs, these homes have the potential to radically lower energy bills for consumers – in some cases all the way to zero. We’re now calling on developers of all shapes and sizes to help us make greener, bill-free homes the new standard.
Michael Cottrell Zero Bills Home Director, Octopus Energy
We are falling woefully short of building the houses that the country needs and, all too often, the houses that are being built are damaging our environment. This report makes clear that volumetric modular is critical to responding to both of these immense challenges and we are calling on the government to act as a catalyst to businesses which can build the homes we need.
Carl Leaver Chair of Make Modular & Chair of TopHat

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