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Technological change in UK manufacturing has been ever present since the dawn of the industrial revolution, but while technological change has always been a driver for the makers, manufacturing stands on the cusp of a revolution

Hand in hand with this new technology will be the people needed to deploy it to its fullest effect. Just as technology is changing rapidly, the people using it must adapt not only to new ways of working, but also to new work.

The UK’s education system ranks below international competitors, even more so for STEM-specific qualifications. With a poor start on the skills ladder, too many UK workers miss out on vital technical skills and do not experience a world of continuous skills improvement. Furthermore, employers face high barriers to deliver training, barriers that are unheard of among the UK’s global competitors.

Our report takes a critical look at the challenges manufacturers will face and what they need to do to prepare for these challenges. From poor leadership and management skills, through the digital revolution and onwards to seemingly omnipresent UK skills shortages, UK manufacturers cannot afford not to take action – now – if they are to compete with the best in the world, who will soon be snapping at their heels after the UK leaves the protective umbrella of the EU.