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Holiday entitlement and Pay: Agnew and Beyond

This practical workshop will help you to understand your current legal obligations in relation to employees’ holiday entitlement and pay. We will help you to assess and address risk areas and identify action points for updating your approach in light of the Supreme Court’s decision in Agnew and other developments in the law.

Course Dates

No open courses currently scheduled, but in-company delivery can be arranged.

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About event

In this practical and interactive session, our experienced employment lawyers will explain the key issues you need to understand when handling employees’ holiday – including their entitlement to it, how and when they can take it, and how you should pay for it. We will cover:

  • Contractual and statutory holiday 
  • The order in which holiday is taken (in light of the Agnew decision)
  • Calculating holiday pay (including the concept of a week’s pay and normal remuneration)

We will highlight some common HR holiday headaches, such as:

  • The 'use it or lose it' principle (enabling/encouraging holiday, contractual carry over clauses, effect of Agnew)
  • The interaction between holidays and family leave (accrual, carry forward, effect of Agnew)
  • How to manage holidays and sick leave (accrual, taking leave, rescheduling leave, carry forward, effect of Agnew)

We will address the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision in Agnew, including:

  • How this decision may increase your potential liability if you haven’t been paying holiday pay correctly to-date
  • How you might face claims even if you have been (and a possible defence)
  • How to assess your risk and determine your approach to compliance going forwards

To conclude, we’ll take a brief look at future Government plans to reform the holiday landscape including the Government’s recent announcement that it will introduce ‘rolled-up’ holiday pay for irregular hours and part-year workers.

You will be encouraged to join in the discussion and we will welcome questions live during the workshop to help you get the most out of the session.


Suited for

This webinar is suitable for HR professionals and senior managers.

More details

2 hour online workshop.

10am to 12pm.