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Robotics and Automation Operations and Fault Diagnosis for Operators

There are many diverse applications of Robots within industry, all of which will require some form of adjustments and reprogramming to be carried out. This could be as a result of maintenance activities, failures or task changes to the system.

This is a practical based 4 ½ day course aimed at giving production line operators basic skills to operate safely around robots integrated into automated systems.  It will give them some basic theory and will teach delegates how to set up, move safely and interrogate industrial robots and automated systems to aid with initial fault diagnosis and low level maintenance tasks. Delegates will also learn how to maintain and look after industrial robots and automated systems to help minimise wear and reduce downtime.

About the course

During the course the delegates will cover the following subject areas in this programme generally in this order

  •   Day 1

           Safety – Overview of general safety, including Locking out of Robot and Automated Cell.

   Introduction to Automation – Overview of how automated control systems work including basic robot programming for Robots and operation of PLCs.

  •  Day 2

Robotics – The emphasis moves to manipulating a Robot safely and recovering a Robot system from a Fault Position.  This will include jogging, Robot I/Os, return to ‘home’ position and returning to service.  This day will also include additional Robot manipulation tasks is that delegates gain confidence in using Robots in Automated systems.

  •  Day 3

Basic Fault Finding Techniques – Overview of Fault Finding Techniques, introducing different methods of fault finding, how to record and observed sequence and fault finding exercises.  These will be carried out on a Robot Production Cell so delegates can develop and utilise their fault finding skills.

Robot Production Cell - Understand and observe how a Robot Based Production Cell works.  This element of the course has greater emphasis on the sensors within the cell, basic fault finding and communicating faults with other parts of the systems.

  •  Day 4

Consolidation – Introducing a condition where the Automated Production Cell needs to be manually operated.  This will develop a good understanding of the actual programmes in the Robot and Cell and will include manually operating sub routines.  This will also consolidate knowledge from Day 2.

Learning objectives

On completion of the 4 day course, delegates will have developed a good working knowledge of the operation, safe maintenance and effect simple fault finding and diagnostics of Robotics and Automated Production line systems.

Course pre-requisites

There are no pre-requisites for this course.  Some awareness of robots and automated systems would be beneficial but not essential.

Course assessment

There is no formal assessment during this course but delegates will need to demonstrate that they can operate safely and effectively with industrial robots.  On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.  Performance feedback can be provided to the Customer if required.


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