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EEF trains hundreds of engineering apprentices for manufacturers across the UK each year at our Technology Training Centre and Technology Hub in the Midlands. As an Ofsted and RoATP accredited training provider, we make creating a positive and engaging apprentice experience a top priority. One of the ways we do that is through ‘The Learner Voice’ committee.

The Learner Voice committee is made up of an apprentice from each apprentice group (based on the type of apprenticeship training they’re receiving, including those on residential apprenticeships). Each apprentice group provides their Learner Voice rep with any positive comments or areas for improvement they would like to feed back to the EEF team. At The Learner Voice meetings, the apprentice reps present these comments and EEF reps (typically including at least one tutor and the Technology Hub manager) discuss how these perspectives can be addressed and used to improve the apprentice experience. Whether the issues concern the potential for acquiring a certain type of equipment or prep for an upcoming assessment, all questions and suggestions brought to The Learner Voice are used to make EEF the best place to receive apprenticeship training.

The Learner Voice apprentice reps are also responsible for advocating for safety within the centre by promoting safe work practices within their groups. This peer leadership is an important opportunity for apprentices to develop management skills.

Find out more about what life is like for apprentices by watching videos on our YouTube channel or coming to one of our upcoming Open Days to tour the Technology Hub.