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A BEIS Select Committee today published a report on the Government’s Industrial Strategy: Sector Deals. Many of the report’s findings resonate with concerns expressed time and again by UK Steel. 


The report found that ‘those sectors that have managed to secure a deal, such as offshore wind, have found the process for negotiating and agreeing a deal to be difficult and opaque’. Adding that ‘more should be done to ensure that the Industrial Strategy is used as a lever to support diversity in industries, support innovation through Catapults, and deliver across the UK’.

In our press release UK Steel Director General, Gareth Stace, said: “The publication of this report is an important and timely intervention on the subject of Sector Deals, with its findings chiming with our own experience of trying to negotiate a deal for steel.

As this report sets out, the steel sector put forward a comprehensive sector deal proposal committing to increases in jobs, capital investment and production capacity. To unlock this, and place the sector on a sustainable footing, the sector simply requires a level playing field with our EU counterparts on electricity prices and business rates.”

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