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Britishvolt has chosen Blyth as the site of their ‘Gigafactory, a large scale facility for the manufacturing of lithium ion batteries. Blyth, in the North East of England has good transport links and a skilled manufacturing workforce.

To demonstrate their commitment to British manufacturing and steel production, Britishvolt has signed the UK Steel Charter, pledging to source UK-manufactured steel for their Gigafactory. This development shows that the commercial sector is recognising the benefits of UK-sourced steel, strong and resilient domestic supply chains, and the numerous economic and social benefits of buying UK made steel.

Commenting on the development, UK Steel Director General, Gareth Stace, said: 


“I am delighted that Britishvolt has signed The UK Steel Charter and with it a commitment to using UK-manufactured steel in the construction of their plant in Blyth. Using steel produced in the UK does not just make business sense. It makes social sense for providing prosperity for steel communities. It makes sense for our environmental commitments to not import steel over vast distances when it can be made here. Every pound spent on UK steel, by the private sector or by government, is a pound spent in support of UK manufacturing supply chains, UK manufacturing jobs and UK economic growth. 


“Britishvolt is a prime example of the UK’s Green Industrial Revolution, and it makes sense that is therefore chosen to embed its environmental ideals in every step of this project – using steel produced on its doorstep and to the highest environmental standards. We look forward to working with them on this groundbreaking new project and other organisations that are committed to the responsible procurement of steel.”


Commenting, Peter Rolton, Britishvolt Chairman said: “We are delighted to sign up to the UK Steel charterUsing UK-sourced steel further strengthens our ambitions to minimise our carbon footprint and build world-class technologies in the UK. As we emerge from the pandemic, issues such as local supply chains have been thrust into the spotlight. We at Britishvolt have a mission to create some of the world's must sustainable electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries. Being part of the charter further advances our Environmental, Social and Governance ambitions.” 




About the UK Steel Charter:


In May 2019, the steel industry, with BEIS support, launched the UK Steel Charter, an initiative to drive-up the use of UK produced steel in public projects. Where projects are paid for from the public purse, there is a duty to maximise the benefits to the UK in terms of jobs, skills and economic growth; the use of UK steel will do just that.


More information can be found at: UK Steel Charter | Make UK


About UK Steel: UK Steel, a division of Make UK, is the trade association for the UK steel industry. It represents all the country’s steelmakers and a large number of downstream steel processors.



UK steel in numbers:

·       Produces 7.3 million tonnes of steel a year, around 65% of the UK’s annual requirement[1]

·       Employs 32,600 people directly in the UK and supports a further 41,100 in supplies chains[2]

·       The average steel sector salary is £36,238, 18% higher than the UK national average and 36% higher than the regional average in Wales, and Yorkshire & Humberside where steel sector jobs are concentrated[3]

·       Makes a £2.8 billion direct contribution to UK GDP and supports a further £3.6 billion[4]

·       Makes a £2.5 billion direct contribution to the UK’s balance of trade[5]

[1] International Steel Statistics Bureau – 2019 UK Steel raw steel production

[2] ONS – Business Register and Employment Survey 2019 and ONS Type 1 employment multipliers

[3] ONS – Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings

[4] ONS GDP Output – low level aggregates 2019 and type 1 multiplier

[5] International Steel Statistic Bureau – UK steel exports net of import of raw materials/inputs

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