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There’s nothing more infuriating than committing to a venue booking and agreeing a rate, only to discover after the event that there are unforeseen additional costs. It’s easy to be lured in by an attractive day delegate rate but always enquire into any hidden extras over and above the package on offer as additional items can add up quickly. A little due diligence before making a booking could make a big difference to your budget and ROI.

Flip charts. You'd be amazed how many venues charge for the use of additional flipchart stands and paper.

Snacks: Delegates need regular re-fuelling and the last thing you want to be doing is fretting about how much this will cost you. Most venues provide complimentary hot drinks these days. Better still, having a supply of complimentary fresh fruit and sweet treats available within break-out areas will keep delegates feeling valued and sustained.

Wifi. Whether it’s streaming videos in real time, sharing the latest tweet trending on Twitter or an insightful speech on YouTube, slow Wi-Fi just isn’t going to cut it.  Wi-Fi at a venue has to be fast, it has to be reliable and it has to be free. And let’s not forget encryption to keep you safe while you surf.

Data projector rental. You can’t afford to assume that these will be included. Not all venues provide data projectors on a complimentary basis.

Laptop rental. At Make Venues we know how frustrating it can be for delegates to arrive without a laptop or find that their laptop isn’t performing. Like all of the above, laptops are available for use in a complimentary basis across our three venues.

Photo copying. This may not seem like a big deal, but actually, photocopying volumes can add up quickly if you are being charged per page.

Microphones. They say that talk is cheap so why should you have to pay for the use of a microphone when it is such a basic and vital piece of equipment?  We never cease to be amazed that there are venues out there still that charge for the use of microphones. 

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