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We know manufacturers have an overwhelming array of issues to deal with at this time, with one of the most pressing being that of cashflow and funding given the constraints on maintaining “business as usual.”

Given this challenge we thought it was worthwhile making you aware of the potential opportunity of releasing additional cash back to your business through your R&D tax relief claim. 

Many of you will already be claiming R&D tax relief but are you aware that if your company is currently loss making, you could be in line for a cash credit from HMRC. Furthermore, you can apply for a cash advance secured against the expected cash payment, providing a valuable short-term injection of funds.

Our innovation funding partner, ABGI, has an unrivalled track record in preparing successful R&D tax relief claims, is able to provide a fully remote claim preparation and submission service and is ready to start work on your claim immediately.

If you would like to find out more call or email Sandy Findlay on 07807 739033  [email protected]

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