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Commenting on the Prime Minister's 10 point green plan, Stephen Phipson, CEO of Make UK, said:

The need to reduce our emissions and move to a greener resilient economy is of paramount importance. This announcement is a welcome, firm commitment that marks a turning point in the effort that our country is making to achieve its net zero target.

“It is exactly the signal that our manufacturing industry needs to have the confidence to invest in these clean technologies of the future that will enable us to make a low-carbon economy a reality. Our manufacturing sector is poised to contribute to the creation of thousands of green jobs in the country’s most hardest hit areas, to make the green products and provide the services needed for a net zero future.

“But, industrial decarbonisation options may be a barrier to the uptake of green solutions due to high electricity pricing in the UK, which unless addressed will have an ultimate impact on net zero targets.

“It is now essential that Government builds on today’s announcement with a robust and coherent industrial strategy which sets out goals to put the manufacturing at the centre of recovery from the pandemic. There are major gains to be had from investment in innovation and scaling up of these technologies, as well as the high value jobs that training in digital skills will bring. The pandemic has highlighted how digital and green technologies are essential to make our economy and society resilient to economic and climate disruptions and we need to shift the pendulum towards growth based on the technologies of the future. This announcement is a first step on that road.

Stephen Phipson Chief Executive, Make UK
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