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Commenting on the Siemens’ appeal to Parliament to unite around a customs union compromise, Stephen Phipson, CEO of Make UK said: 


“Today Jurgen Maier, CEO of Siemens UK, one of the country’s leading technology companies, called on MPs to make a decision and unite around a customs union compromise that delivers economic security and stability to protect jobs and investment which are already critically at risk.


This is an important intervention coming after the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement has now been rejected three times by the House of Commons, and while broadly supported by business, now companies are deeply frustrated and feel that Parliament must now listen to a range of options and make critical decisions this week.


Make UK has consistently called for a new arrangement post-Brexit which delivers zero tariffs, no slide back to hard borders, regulatory alignment with the EU and a sensible transition period so business can adapt. This week, industry is united in calling on Government to act decisively to deliver a solution to allow British industry to recover and once again shine on the global stage.”

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