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What is the Covid-19 Compliance Audit?

A one day on-site audit checks your compliance with the latest government guidance and the new Occupational health and safety management standard : General guidelines for safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic (ISO/PAS 45005:2020). Download the standard here.

The audit will consider:

  • Whether you comply with the latest Government guidance on Covid-19.
  • Whether you meet the requirements of ISO/PAS 45005:2020.
  • How you can improve your Covid-19 control strategies using our broad knowledge and experience in this area.
  • How you could improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your controls.

How does it mitigate your risk? 

Our audit will help you to:

  • Reduce the risk of bringing the virus on site
  • Minimise the risk transmission from potentially infected personnel
  • Reduce the risk of impact on operations
  • Give staff increased confidence regarding your approach to control
  • Raise your knowledge and understanding of what strong control looks like 

Cost - £995 + VAT.

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Call us on: 0808 168 5874

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