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A fitter, happier, more productive return from serious illness for your staff

A new partnership between Make UK and Boutros Bear, a leading digital healthcare provider, offers Make UK members the opportunity to help your staff return from chronic illness faster and more effectively.

In 2018, 20% of the estimated 141 million working days lost to sickness were due to chronic pain associated with musculoskeletal conditions, with the problem most common in the Construction and Manufacturing sectors. Worryingly, in the case of cancer, Macmillan found nearly 1 in 5 people returning to work following a diagnosis faced discrimination either from their line managers or colleagues.

Boutros Bear’s personalised Cancer Rehabilitation, MSK and Chronic Pain recovery programmes were created by their founder, Sheila Kissane Marshall, working with eminent medical, nutrition and fitness experts, and using the techniques she pioneered to fight her way back to fitness after her own diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. 

Services available to Make UK members include individual health and fitness coaching for employees, along with an easy to use and effective platform to monitor and support their recovery. Plus, online employer training for HR and line managers, to ensure they understand the legal obligations and workplace guidance for supporting staff with chronic conditions. All Make UK members will receive a discount on the services.

Boutros Bear’s programmes are backed by major employers. Here’s what those who have used the service think:

"The course really helped me to develop a healthy lifestyle and the feeling of taking back control. It's exactly the type of course I wish anyone going through cancer treatment would benefit from."
Sofie -  Cancer Rehabilitation Participant

"An amazing, worthwhile and informative learning opportunity. The programme strikes the right balance for managing cancer in the workplace - providing practical skills for managers, supporting individuals facing the worry and potential diagnosis of cancer, and the legal obligations an employer must be aware of."
Anna Triggs - HR Manager, Biocair

"I found this course incredibly useful to learn how to best support an employee with a cancer diagnosis, both compassionately and also lawfully. The overall content and structure of the course was brilliant. Overall, I had a great experience and would highly recommend this to other employers and managers."
Caroline Towers - HR Professional, PragmatIC

We at Boutros Bear are delighted to announce our Partnership with Make UK. Our mission is to alleviate the burden of chronic pain and illness from the lives of as many people as possible.

Research has shown that 34% of people in the UK suffer from chronic or lost-lasting pain or illness. We are acutely aware that the manufacturing industry has a significantly higher rate of chronic pain and Musko-skeletal conditions compared to other sectors. We, therefore, see Make UK as a natural partner for us, and we look forward to making positive contributions to workplaces across the nation.

Our Chronic Pain Programme has been developed by the UK's leading pain consultant, Dr Deepak Ravindran. The courses have been designed to help employees overcome their pain and improve their quality of life in the long term. Employers will also find training on how to their staff that suffer from chronic pain or illness. We are excited to see our guidance contributing to improved employee retention and engagement.
Sheila Kissane-Marshall CEO and Founder, Boutros Bear
The health, wellbeing and rehabilitation of employees is increasingly important for manufacturers, not just supporting those in recovery and rehabilitation, but in promoting proactive healthcare. Boutros Bear help businesses and their staff tackle these crucial issues, plus they have an excellent understanding of manufacturing businesses and the challenges they face. As a result, we are keen for Make UK member companies to be able to access, and benefit from, this new Boutros Bear service, and are delighted to launch this partnership that will offer valuable support to members and their employees.
Matthew Corkan Executive Director, HR, HRC and QHSE, Make UK 
For more information, or a demonstration, please contact [email protected].
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