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Commenting ahead of the Parliamentary vote on the new EU trade agreement, Stephen Phipson, CEO of Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation said:

UK Manufacturing has had a renaissance in recent decades. We are one of the 10 biggest manufacturing nations on earth, with a reputation for high quality and innovation. UK manufacturing alone is over 10% of the UK economy, supports millions of jobs and adds hundreds of billions of pounds of value to our national economic strength. 
Much of this comes from exports, with almost half of those delivered into the EU. 
As a result, whilst the trade deal negotiated by the government falls short on the trade benefits we currently enjoy, it is a starting point for our future relationship with the EU. Make UK is calling on all Parliamentarians to vote for the deal today. The alternative, which is to leave the EU without a deal, is unthinkable and would do unparalleled damage to our industry. 
Business now needs certainty, stability and a clear baseline position from which we can build relationships with our European partners and attract inward investment. A clear vote today will allow us to take those first steps forward.
Stephen Phipson CEO, Make UK
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