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13 March 2019

Commenting on today’s announcement by Government that 87% of goods entering the UK would face zero tariffs in the event of no deal, Stephen Phipson, CEO of Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation said:

“This has moved a long way from the blanket 0% tariffs on all goods that was first mooted as Government’s chosen way forward, which is positive news. However, while some industries are now protected, the overall effect will still be decimating for our sector as a whole. While there is some protection for areas such as agricultural products and car imports, other areas of manufacturing will be hit hard.
“The decision to avoid controls at the Northern Ireland land border and applying that to all trading partners across the globe will be very damaging for the manufacturing sector as inferior products will flood the market.

“Today’s announcement on tariffs is just another reason why a no-deal Brexit would be disastrous for manufacturers, putting at risk the 2.7million jobs our sector provides across the whole of the UK.”

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