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One day programme for 16-24 year olds to develop creators, innovators and makers of the future

Aspiring young engineers and apprentices will have the opportunity to learn from their peers and explore topics ranging from artificial intelligence to how they can help solve ecological concerns at an exciting one day festival being organised by Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation.

The ‘Makers Meet’ being held in Birmingham will feature a platform of high profile speakers who are making an impact in the world of manufacturing and STEM, as well as a range of immersive, informative and aspiring activities, networking opportunities and creative ideas sessions.

Aimed at STEM undergraduates, postgraduates and apprentices between the ages of 16-24, speakers will include the Instagram sensation, fashion icon and engineer, Authentically Ella and Shini Somara who will both talk about how women have a big role to play in engineering and manufacturing and how the secrets behind pioneering technology and innovation can be demystified.

They will be joined by Dr John Hart from the Centre for Sports Engineering & Research, the inspiration and brains behind the Great Britain Winter Olympic team clothing, Hybrid Air Vehicles who will discuss the future of Carbon Airspace and Franki Johnson who will advise on how Generation Z can use their digital skills in the workplace. 

Other speakers include Vanessa Sanyauke, named by the London Business School as one of 30 people changing the world, and Dr Ozak Esu, an award winning Engineer who specialises in strategies to address the challenges faced by the Internet of Things.

The format of the day will feature five conceptual zones:

1. The Makers’ mainstage featuring inspirational speakers throughout the day

2. The Tech Zone featuring a range of displays of manufacturing products and the stories behind their creation including:

Snap Maker – the largest seed funded company in the UK with 3D printing and laser cutting

X Blades – the UK drone racing team and holders of the drone land speed record

Candy Mechanics – 3D printed chocolate

3.The Great Idea Garden providing mentoring and networking advice

4.The Culture Runway highlighting the critical role manufacturing and engineering plays in wider culture such as fashion and sports branding including:

Billy Goats who take old tents from festivals and turn them into clothing

Finisterre who create sustainable clothing for the surfing community and those who love the sea

5.The Create Change Circle will feature sessions looking at sustainability and the environment linking back to manufacturing. This will provide opportunities for mentoring and guidance on new product ideas and initiatives.

Commenting, Andrea Bull, Head of Next Generation Marketing at Make UK, said:

“As we fast approach the fourth industrial revolution the future of engineering and manufacturing as at the cusp of immense change and potential.  New innovations and technology will all change the way we function as human beings and how we build these new forms of technology will define what that future looks like.

“Young people will be at the heart of the next generation of talent. This festival will provide them with a groundbreaking and inspiring event where they swap ideas and learn from their peers as they embark upon their careers.”

The Makers Meet will be held at the Custard Factory in Digbeth in Birmingham on Saturday 20 July. Young people can find further information and register at

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