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Make UK has partnered with defibrillator specialist, Defib Plus, to enhance workplace safety.

Make UK is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Defib Plus, a leading provider of life-saving defibrillator solutions. This partnership aims to enhance workplace safety across the UK by increasing access to vital automated external defibrillators (AEDs) whilst providing support for anyone needing to use the device and for staff required to maintain it.

Defib Plus specialises in providing AEDs that are equipped with advanced features, including real-time CPR feedback and smart technology to guide users through the resuscitation process. Defib Plus offer free AED replacement at warranty expiration and ensure peace of mind in ownership is afforded to customers, through their AED Guardian and Duty of Care support.

In addition to equipping workplaces with the necessary tools to respond effectively to cardiac emergencies, Defib Plus provide support for staff involved in a resuscitation attempt on workplace premises.

These days, most companies realise that it’s good practice to install AEDs to ensure their employees have the best chance of surviving a critical event, but Defib Plus & Make UK take this service to a new level. Not only will the partnership give Make UK members discounted access to the latest in defibrillator technology but Defib Plus also provides mental health support directly to those who use the devices in a resuscitation attempt. These brave people are so often forgotten in the aftermath of defibrillator deployment and our partnership is aimed at making sure this no longer happens.
Chris Newson Environment, Health and Safety Director, Make UK
Defib Plus is excited to have partnered with Make UK in the supply and support of AEDs. The collaboration between Make UK and Defib Plus underscores a shared commitment to promoting safe and productive working environments. An AED has only one role, the preservation of life. Provision of this equipment, whilst voluntary, should be considered the pinnacle of a corporate ‘first aid box’ and a moral obligation for an organisation wishing to demonstrate its commitment to staff and visitor wellbeing.
Ross Severn Managing Director, Defib Plus 

The partnership between Make UK and Defib Plus reflects a proactive approach to workplace safety, emphasising the importance of preparedness and swift action in saving lives. By working together, both organisations are committed to making UK workplaces safer and more resilient. 

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