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New service to help manufacturers move goods smoothly in and out of EU

Make UK is launching today a partnership with leading certification company SGS to offer a simple customs brokerage service to help companies fill in complex customs declarations correctly to clear their goods for import and exports.

Since the start of the year, all shipments to and from the UK have required a customs declaration, with many companies struggling to ensure that their goods continue to arrive at their destination on time. 

Many businesses have found the forms difficult to complete and have been struggling to find a customs agent to take on the job for them. 97% of UK manufacturers who export, do so to the EU and over the past decades, filling in customs declarations has been completely unnecessary because the UK was part of the EU Single Market and Customs Union.

More details can be found in this brochure 

We are delighted to further embed this partnership with SGS who have the experience to help our members who need to find an intermediary to cut through the complexity and alleviate the burden of customs paperwork for them.

Getting these forms right will make the difference between costly delays and the potential of goods being turned back at the border, and goods flowing smoothly to customers across Europe and beyond.
Fergus McReynolds Director of EU Affairs, Make UK
SGS is already working for thousands of companies from SMEs to multinationals, to complete their often-complex customs declarations forms to ensure compliance with the new customs rules and procedures.  

Getting this right means companies are able to honour their contracts with EU customers. We are delighted to be able to offer this service to Make UK members and look forward to working with them in the coming weeks and months.

The trade agreement between the UK and EU does present challenges, not least the bureaucracy involved in ensuring goods pass smoothly from seller to buyer. SGS’ service, which is built on years of experience across Europe and beyond, allows UK importers and exporters to trade with confidence in the knowledge they are advised by experts with contextual understanding.  

The SGS brokerage service is powered by a team of highly skilled customs specialists who will ensure declarations and related work is completed before goods arrive at the border crossing. 

Mark Andrews Senior Sales Manager, SGS

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